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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some shots from this Summer.

I was going through some photos from this last Summer. All this time stuck inside, no sunshine, it's driving me crazy (a short drive). So here's some fond memories.

So this is my first encounter with the Lords Of Loud. It's Sunday morning, we're all beat from sleeping on the ground, hungover and we're all looking at long rides home. So what happens? a break down. Shingaurds "tet-anus" has an intake leak. Fixed with some apoxie and electrical tape from Pink Hats tool bag.

Went to an in-law event. The OL's cousins little girl was obsessed with my bike, her Mom was terrified; but I put her on the seat and she was happy as can be. I told her to smile for a pic and she did the "Hair flip"

As some of you know, I work for a Manufactured Housing company. As part of my job, from time to time, I get to go and deliver parts. This particular week there was room in the trailer for my bike. I Stopped in Fort Collins and road with our good friends Denver Jesus AKA ChopperCharlie, Ironhead303 aka Justin and Brandon. We had some drinks road around FC and then up to Horsetooth reservoir. I wish I would have taken some more pics; but I was to busy flying through those amazing twisty's. We then went into town for a few drinks. I had a hell of a good time. I can't wait to get up that way for RUN FOR THE HILLS, it will NOT be disappointing.

So on my way to Billings MT I decided to stop and ride through the Big Horn Mountains. The most fun I've had by myself since I discovered masturbating. Lots of twisting roads and at that time of year, no tourists. I think I saw 1 RV and 1 other bike.

Anyway, it was a great summer. I went to a few great gatherings, met some wicked awesome people, made some lifelong friends and rode in 6 different states. I can't wait for this spring, so I do it all again.

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