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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Now this is VANTASTIC!!!!!!!

My buddy Travis is now the proud owner of this amazing piece of van history. This is a 1978 chevy van pimped out to the max, and is is in awesome shape for its age. It has the Death Dealer painted on the back doors, and Conan and some naked chick painted on each side. There has been more hookers and blow done inside this van than one could possibly imagine, it reaks of sex and candy!!! There is a cooler inside for all of your favorite beverages, a little closet for sawed off shotguns and a couple of racks for your bottles of whiskey. Almost forgot about the table in back with the beer holders. For those of you sitting there wondering those are cragar ss rims. Watch out for this at Born Free 3 and who knows you might catch us rolling into your town before you know it. Heres to you mister cool van having guuuuuuuuuuuy!!!!!!


weed said...

Nice van and cool paint job

Doc14 said...

That is Pure Sex on Wheels man. I dig it.