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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love our readers.

Kraka killa sends this pic in.

He writes.
Yo bitch sorry about the quality of this pic. Shitty cell phone pic because I ain't got a good job to buy a nice camera like you assholes. Anyways honkey this is black Curtis on his new machine heading to Black Sturgis out in the white hills of Michigan.
Keep it black!

Well as you see this is an exciting time for all of us here at the lords of loud HQ. Stay tuned bro's.

Black Curtis

So a few folks in Kansas City know who this way cool cat is. The rest of you need to know.
He was one of the Best bike builders in the mid west. Hell he started all that shit at shows using props like cotton for snow and shit like that. Look his ass up. Bad mutha fuka. I need some help tracking him down anyone with info please email me.

If you know him or are him. I got his\your pic man.

-Pink Hats

Friday, November 26, 2010

PorkWeasel FWG today............

could be yours. Here's the run down:
-clean titled numbers matching '95 Sportster
-low miles on 1200 kit
-Andrews cams
-FWG super narrow 39mm front end (polished trees & shaved lowers)
-one off polished stainless Attack Weasel handle bars
-dual West Eagle spotlights
-21" front hoop laced to a peaked and polished spool hub
-16" HD laced rear
-fresh Avons
-cut cam & sprocket covers
-Frisco mounted Sporty tank
-old bobbed rear fender housing a small Lucas style tail light
-asymmetrical lace paint job (custom mixed HoK candy)
-pleated solo seat

Dropped my helmet off and had a really good fucking sandwich.......


Got the motor broke down. Going to have my homeboy Hugh rephase the crank and cam. While my boy mike in Oklahoma city hone and polish the heads. Maybe the motor will be ready by Christmas? No idea. This was as easy as it gets. It tore apart pretty easy.

-Pink Hats

Thursday, November 25, 2010

For Wes....

Look what i found at my local Wally World.....

Cycle Source News on Hoka Hey 2011.........

Info: HokaHeyAnnounces2011Challenge In the News Cycle Source World Report

Mesa, Arizona on August 5 2011, intrepid riders from around the globe will gather in San Diego, CA for the start of the world's greatest motorcycle endurance ride-the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Chanllenge 3/48. Aptly named after a rallying call of the Sioux Indians, this warriors' ride is desgned to expand each rider's spirit by testing his physical, mental and emotional boundaries. The 2011 Hoka Hey Motorcyle Challenge features two divisions, which will depart separately, with riders competing against motorcycles in their class for more than 1 million in total event prizes. Division One includes all American made air cooled V Twin motorcycles. Division Two inlcudes motorcycles of all other makes and models. The route will encompass a 10,000 plus mile course that dips down into Mexico, touches each of the 48 contiguous states and three counties to finish in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.
the first ever hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge took place this past summer. Hundreds of riders left Key west, fl on a 8543 mile route that ended in Homer AK with nearly one third crossing the finish line by the July 4th Deadline..the winner, Will Barclay of Highlands FL completed the run in a little over eight days and was awarded the 500,000 purse during the sturgis rally in aug. According to Barcly, "this was the best motorcycleing event that i have ever seen and cerainly one of the best experiences in my life." an acid adveture seeker, Barclay was pleased witht he imperfections and challenges that the event provided noting, "by pushing me outside of my physical and mental performance limits, the event actually expanded them"
After successfully proving the concept and gaining tens of thousands of fans during the inaugural challenge, organizers are planning a bigger and bolder event for 2011. The philosophy and guidelines remain the same and riders can expect to be constantly challenged as they dead off on an unkown course with fresh directions provided at each checkpoint, traverse back roads and byroads and spend nights outside nest to their bikes. in whatever weather mother nature provides. In addition to the second competing division, longer course and larger purse offered fo the 2011 event, riders and spectators can also expect several new aspects of the event. the kick off promises to be epic with two days of music, vendors, entertainment and more leadin up to the official start in San Diego. Activities are also planned at checkpoints along the route and during the mandatory 24 hour lay day, which will take place during the 2011 strugis rally. a huge finale is planned after the rides completion in glace ba nova scotia.\
a dramatic three part miniseries, featuring footage and stories from the challenge will build awareness and excitement when it airs in spring next year. In addition, event organizers are planning extensive social media and online campaigns, major sponsorships are currently being developed and the hoka hey presence will soon be visible throughout the biking community.........this is fucking crazy, Million bucks though and one hell of a fucking ride!!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Best pic

Pic of me way back halloween.
Black Curtis took this pic. Thank you Bro.

-Pink Hats

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Bro's Free Don Wood Bro!!

LIL Ride West........Vintage Cycles DSM

Kill whitey!

I think theres a bike in there. KRoWn has some bike building goodness to spread on this poor thing but it's on. I can't think of better hands then him to turn this fine Japanese machine into a church burner! I'm taking the motor up to KC and I'll work it over. Looking forward to this build. Hope to have the bike on the BMR. Thx Kyle you rule.

Friday, November 19, 2010

You know what I always say..........its the only way out.....


Sweet Iron

born to lose

This video I did because I like the Lords of Altamont and this song The bike footage is From the Long road a few years back. My Homeboy Chad with the Orange Helmet is the fucking shit out there in Knoxville Tenn. He can fix your busted ass shit. Eric Barnett and Rod davis are in this as well as George the Painter. Im in there as well. All you have to do is ride your bike and you can smile like all of us!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mo' Parts

Oh yeah, some ratchet top
goodness showed up in the
mailbox yesterday!!
Also, picked up this nifty
little oilbag for a song

Tard Drek

For Kyle maybe

Monday, November 15, 2010


This dude loves South of Heaven as much as me. I bet I made that same face when they busted out South Of Heaven this Aug. Off the new Big 4 Video.

WTF's a Beiber?

A radio Station for Your Shop???

Our Friend Jeff Wright has made a 24hr 365 radio station of various music he has collected over the years, check it out!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hail Satan!

Klue klucks Kyle over at Kfab made me some bars.

-Pink Hats

El Largo parts

Found a couple 30+" over springers and are what we think D&P
Docs new Tattoo
For what we got the engine and frontends for, someone at a swap would have been selling this flag for the same price, we STOLE this stuff pretty much, Big thanks to PinkHats for finding these deals In Kansas City!!!

Its in Your face But you Cant grab it


Richie Jackson fuckin RIPS!!!

Josh Kurpius Last Pis of BlackBird before.........

Self Indulgent
It feels a bit weird publishing a post with a bunch of pictures of myself but it seems the photographer is like the drummer in a band. Nobody ever takes pictures of the drummer. Last weekend I was at my good friend Mike's house and he was up my ass about getting some good shots of me on my bike before I tear it apart for the winter. Chris was on his way in from the south side of Chicago so Mike drove and Chris hopped in the back with my camera in hand. Maybe he should think about picking up photography. He got some great shots and I'm very greatfull to have some good snaps of myself in motion. Thanks guys

words by josh kurpius