The Lords of Loud is a group of custom motorcycle builders/riders throughout the MID-WEST! We are NOT A MC!! We represent the brotherhood of a MC, and respect all MC's alike! We believe Period Correct is not always Correct, we build bikes that suit us, and we RIDE THE MOTHERFUCKERS!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dates are solid I dont have camp info yet but that should be soon

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lords of Loud - The Proudest Americans you will ever meet

Go ahead, wipe the tears off your face, thank a veteran when you outside drinking your cold beer, grilling your burgers and dogs, laughing with your family, at the lake, this would all be a dream if it wasnt for our brave men and women. We have quite a few people in the LoL that are active military or have served, We are the proudest Americans you will ever meet!
I fuckin love my country

Friday, May 27, 2011

Battery tray

Finished up a battery tray
for the whore today...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

The SS chop

Well here it is. The chop is just about ready for the road. Waiting on the carbs to come back from lund machine, sent them off to be resleeved, then i have to rebuild them. Then there is a minor wiring issue i need to figure out. This bitch will be on the road for the dice party! LIFES A CHURCH! BURN IT!

Last BMR thingy

This was the shit I was talking about Friday that made me see the true light to going off. Thank you Eric for your mad skills of making that shit blow up Nuke style if you dont know this blog give it a good look see these guys are doing it the way I think it should be done. I was wrong in my last post about his Bama heritage and Im sorry for not having the facts. This video is tits. God bless America


So I am home. Rained a little went to the local boozer and yelled hail Satan. I got a few funny looks. I have had enough moto till the dice party or my ass heals.

This is one of the tables that got WWFed. Fight the power BroSS!
And if I'm the only Lord at the next one I'm burning a ko-ran.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Heading to the bmr sucked. 41 was the temp when we started and in St louis it got windy. Took us 600 miles to get to Don Woods house. Got tore up and met some new folks. Woke up with more of the same cold ass shit but we got rain for a 100 miles As well.

But I got to see Hugh. Got to hear a dude say that "you dont catch catfish you hunt them"
Next day was still fucking cold buy I was heading to Mekkka Wheels through time is the shit. 3 years in a row now I have ridden to the place and I still love it

Jump bike!!! We partied hard that night. Then rode all the tourist shit head roads. Wife tore up the dragon on her 883 like a champ. My BroSS in West VA were impressed with he bike skills. We Got to the BMR and the party was pretty good.

Chets a solid guy. But I need to talk about Friday night. Holy shit I didn't think I could party like that. During some Heavy Metal band there were 2 bikes doing burn outs in the mosh pit. While that was going on we were kicking the shit out of eachoter or helping with burnouts. A nekid dude ran through the mosh pit. Watched one of them Haints jump off a 15 foot porch Awning face first like a skydiver we caught him and then the 30 man bro hug went off. It occured to me that if that man was willing to die for making it a party I needed to up my game. All I know is that I never stoped danceing or beating the shit out of a plastic table. I seen some dude piledrive the table. I busted some of my finest wwf moves on that shit. There was a lot of hail satans and white flour being yelled. Moshed to alanis moreupset. Yup and I was not the only one. Partying with Darren was great he told me he'd kill for me. Thanks Darren!"

That's the only pic I took from Friday night. Our Bro Matt from time machine photo. I got sponserd from ledsled with a new pink hat. Saturday the wife asked me to promise her that I wouldn't go crazy. She didn't want me to be all tired and hungover. I laughed and told her that if we only get 100 miles it would be a hundred miles that we wouldn't have to do Monday. Lifes a church. Burn it! Saturday night was pretty tame for some but we got crazy. Dickies belt loops can't be used as a tie down to be draged by a motorcycle the bands were pretty good lots of metal. We kicked the shit out of that table some more. It was pretty lord of the flys tribal shit.
The ride the next day sucked. My carb was acting up and we got some killer storms in some part of Tenn. I spent some time broke down dicking around with the carb. It's running better
The wife had fun and the folks I was camped up with were great to her. I made some new friends saw some sweet bikes and rode some pretty roads. I missed my BroSS tho. If the crew had been there I'm pretty sure cyclesourse would need to find a new place next year. I'm seious my legs are on fire from all the air guitar, danceing, wrestling, and other shit I did. My muscles are dieing.

We got another 400 miles to do in the AM.

Word is the dude that owns this bike got the shit kicked out of him by a nude dude. Ya he put his balls on the dudes chest broSS. Didn't see the fight.

Hope In America

If this doesnt give you goosebumps, you dont belong in america, ship u off to some that islam shit!
Weedkiller and crew met at an Exit in Downs,KS to show that there are in fact still proud americans, honks and waves were abroad!
This should be a stop for every crew from now on, on a trip or ride, stop above a cool overpass and show patriotism to the vets and your country.
Thank you weedkiller and crew, makes me proud to know you

Haint nothing but love

Met up with the Haints and tore shit up at the BMR this year. I'm still on the road for a few days but wanted to post this pic. Good dude and we did shit most people pay money to see in moveis.

Lifes a church. Burn it!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


And lo, it came to pass that Macho Man Randy Savage did prevent the impending rapture. Amen.

Satan Swung by to see if that hippie came by yet

I woke up with this on my door, dont worry jesus, i always ask "what would ron Dawg do?"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fuck yeah!! ...except for the
Democrat / Republican

A few more ...

Had a camera in every pocket
but this is all I got.......

Friday, May 13, 2011


Wife and I are going to head out for this Monday. Starting at Don Woods then Wicked Willies then the Wheels through Time museum and then a 3 day drunk fest and then home. If i take any pics it will be amazeing. Last year I lost my fucking phone. So come rage Ill bet youll make a new friend and remember folks That sweet bike in your garage and doing you any good sitting in the garage.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hoedown Photos

What a fuckin weekend!! Weather was absolutly perfect! met a ton of awsome dudes, and adding a few new members to the crew this summer!
Thanks to everyone for comming out and supporting the cause, raised alot of money to help Garbage out!
more pics/video's comming!