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Sunday, May 8, 2011


What a great time! Glad i got to hangout with my boys again! If you weren't there...i can't explain it. I'm sure Kyle has some great pics so i'll just post a couple here & there. See you fuckers on the road!


Sighless said...

YES!! You got a pic of the victory lap!! Had a blast man.

One Speed said...

I really hope you fuckers do it again next year because I'm fucking THERE!

Starwolf said...

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend of weirdness!!! I'm already planing & looking forward to next year!!

fussy kustoms said...

Thanks to the host (and hostess) for their hospitality!! I had a great time...thanks again!!

KROWN said...

next year is gonna happen for sure, weather was absolutly PERFECT! Thank you to everyone that came and got weird with us!
FUSSY-You are the coolest chick i know to be able to hangout with us all weekend!