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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lords of Loud - The Proudest Americans you will ever meet

Go ahead, wipe the tears off your face, thank a veteran when you outside drinking your cold beer, grilling your burgers and dogs, laughing with your family, at the lake, this would all be a dream if it wasnt for our brave men and women. We have quite a few people in the LoL that are active military or have served, We are the proudest Americans you will ever meet!
I fuckin love my country


STARWOLF said...

Amazingly Powerful Message !
Thank a Vet ,or active serviceman for the FREEDOM you enjoy !

J-Rod said...


Beaner said...

I admit, I teared up. I spent 11 years between the USAF and US Army and still get to work for them as a contractor and I couldn't see myself do anything else.