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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baas Metal Craft.........

Got a chance to stop and say hi to Mr. Baas, also know as Teach.......he rides a few old bikes around the country and has a little get together at the begining of June this summer. Its called The Knuckle Shuffle and its to raise money for his high school chopper sure all of you know how valuable an education is, especailly an education in metal working, welding, and fabrication....HELP BUILD OUR COUNTRY, GO TO WWW.THEKNUCKLESHUFFLE.COM AND SIGN UP.....I WILL SEE ALL OF YOU THERE.... use the link on the side to go to the site and sign up...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Few I took while up Nort...........

Went up to help pimp Torque Fest and a few shops last weekend in the nort.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

new designs

New patches and stickers? 
Big thanks to our bro Jordan G. webmaster/graphicseducer extrodinair!

First video attempt.

So I got a new computer. While fuckin around I discovered it had video editing stuff. so here it is.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jesus on Facebook

I had wondered why Denver Jesus has been missing. He's working for the swat FBI and more. Miss you Charlie when we going to meet out on the Slab and get that beer in Kansas?

Pink Hats bross

Finally gettin somewere

Well now the ball is rolling over here in the great home state of IOWA!!!!! Battery box got finished. Cant say thanks enough to the fucking gangter Ryan May he killed it! I tore the sumbitch apart sunday night, took it in too work primed and painted her up real nice. Yes folks that is CHARLIE SHEEN white aka pearl white. I have always wanted me a scoot with a white frame so hell why not this one. The tank that is a whole nother story Chris the Long Roof Ranger Kruse layed out this super sweet ss fancy design for me. What can i say i love it. Dropped the tank off tonight to get the ss painted green, then krusie is gonna do some of his majikal pinstrippin around it and pimp it the fuck out. Like he always does. Saturday im gonna be puttin in some work in the shop to get the long bike back and rollin down the street. It would be real kool if i was rollin this bitch to work next friday. Wanna have all the bugs worked out by torque fest when we make our super sweet debut. Big thanks to my buddies that have come over and drank beer with me and slowed my progress. Couldnt have had more fun without you. I heart the LORDS OF LOUD. So you all should to.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tanks and sprotor

Having trouble on which tank to run, any input? Narrow coffin or narrow peanut?

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Lordsmatic Photography

Updates from Tulsa:

Like everyone else who reads this blog, Jason and I are in the middle of a project and the weather is getting better by the day. It's hard not to walk by the bike on the way out the door and feel an overwhelming sense of urgency to get off my lazy ass and get road worthy. I think everyone has a deadline in the back of their mind...and mine was yesterday.

Here are a couple of shots from the garage. Jason is in middle of a complete teardown and replacing a leaky oil tank. I'm a particular piece of shit going on 3 paint jobs and a powdercoat gone wrong. Long story short, tins are headed to paint in PC (home of the Hoedown) and then to pinstripe.

More pics to follow...

Unicorns bros.....unicorns

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cycle Nazi Trump Build.......

Hey Ive been outta commission for a bit having a new baby and all and havnt had a ton of time to write much shit on to many topics....well anyway we are realllyyyy fucking close to VINTAGE TORQUE FEST and everyone I have been talking to is in super fucking top secret high output pedal to the metal mode to get there shit done by April 29th, which by the way is the date of the first day of VINTAGE TORQUE FEST....Im trying to get my shit done as well, just having a few set backs with a few little details here and there but here is a little look at what I have been up to with my Cycle Nazi Trump build......We are hoping to see ever single one of you mother fuckers at the Torque Fest show and how rad would it be to have everyone from Vintage Torque Fest just jump down to our very own Party down in Ponca City thats a fucking idea...

Clearing my head

Velvet Fingers Lingers Ningers

Here is some better pics of this mug! This will be the bike Doc rides to BORN FREE this summer! 
Then the beaters frame hanging up to be painted! Which i will be riding to BF
other photo's on


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1yr old!

The Blog turned 1yr old this month! Never thought it would be this big at all! thanks to everyone for following this shitty thing, hopefully some of u will drink wiskey and fuck bitches with us this summer!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Spent tonight at the shop right after work! Finished up Docs Frame! We research our frame dimension before we ride!! Was a beatiful day out so went out by the pond and snaped some photos, lucky dude to have a shop with this kinda scenery!! scope it out all you freaks coming to the hoedown!! Pond just might have the BLOB installed for the hoedown!!