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Monday, March 7, 2011

T & O Forever !

As owner of Truett & Osborn Cycle , Paul Osborn has been building cranks and wrenching bikes for forty years in his modest Wichita Ks. shop. His performance crankshafts are known worldwide yet the business remains true to its roots. When I was a kid I would beg my parents to drive by the shop so I could see the two Dobermans that lived on the roof of T & O. To say the shop has character would be a gross understatement. The place is as much bike shop as it is museum , with knuckleheads and pans peeking out under decades old layers of dust. A twin engine ironhead drag bike here, a flathead chopper there. Too much to take in .
Paul operates T & O with his brother Jim and son C J , a real family operation. They were cool enough to let my nosey ass go in the back and takes some pics. This scooter shack rules ! Thanks guys!


pat said...

wow VERY cool! i have a set of their stroker wheels in my '39. this post makes me want to visit their shop someday!

Sighless said...

Damn, I could wonder around there for days.