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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally gettin somewere

Well now the ball is rolling over here in the great home state of IOWA!!!!! Battery box got finished. Cant say thanks enough to the fucking gangter Ryan May he killed it! I tore the sumbitch apart sunday night, took it in too work primed and painted her up real nice. Yes folks that is CHARLIE SHEEN white aka pearl white. I have always wanted me a scoot with a white frame so hell why not this one. The tank that is a whole nother story Chris the Long Roof Ranger Kruse layed out this super sweet ss fancy design for me. What can i say i love it. Dropped the tank off tonight to get the ss painted green, then krusie is gonna do some of his majikal pinstrippin around it and pimp it the fuck out. Like he always does. Saturday im gonna be puttin in some work in the shop to get the long bike back and rollin down the street. It would be real kool if i was rollin this bitch to work next friday. Wanna have all the bugs worked out by torque fest when we make our super sweet debut. Big thanks to my buddies that have come over and drank beer with me and slowed my progress. Couldnt have had more fun without you. I heart the LORDS OF LOUD. So you all should to.

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