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Friday, March 4, 2011

I may be a retard

but If i was in a MC I don't think id want to do the classic meeting of the clubs photo with a TV "1%er" MC.

I'm thinking about wearing a Mayans T-shirt and stir up some shit with some SoA gear wearing guy. Ill bust out a sweet ass Switch blade comb on their ass and act like I got a kilo of Heroin I mean "H" up my ass and the IRA are grinding me down because I got to move their guns to the new safe house in Canada where we just happen to be "patching" a support club in.
Got to keep the guns moving or this dick wont get its self sucked by Hot Stripper porn stars. Fuck ya bros! That's what the Lords means to me. One day I want to complete the guns connection between the east coast and the west coast. Im in KC bros I can do it. I got 2 big interstates in my back yard! Oh boy! guys please bust out the Hard on's son because we got nothing left to do, but fuck into the wee hours of the morning waiting for the godamn Irish to bring us some mother fucking guns. WHOOOO METH RULES I LOVE GUN RUNNING YAY ME FUCK THE FEDS!!!!
Keep it real homies this winter can eat shit. I seen a pic from gaytona with some dude wearing a Ledsled hat on busting out a smile and some horns while in the background there's a fucking Trike rolling down the road." Hell Pink Hat fag guy atelast hes riding" Oh ya? that's riding? why not go buy a miata bust the windows out of it and drive off a cliff or pier. Its safer for everyone on the road. Fuck most dudes on trikes should not be on the road to begin with. I aint talking about dudes who have lost limbs because our warlords government masters who like to hide all the illegal shit they are doing to us behind the fact we are at "war".
As far as the Bike week thing thats going on down in Florida I hear there cops on just about every corner. How the fuck can you drink Shine and smoke weed with a cop breathing down your neck. Fuck bros how we going to cruz the strip sober? WHY ARE WE CRUZING??

Thats right WHERES THE FUCKING BEEF???? Im so ready to get wrecked in some field in the middle of wherever'sville U.S.A. Holy shit I rant for no reason. Keep it real friends And please keep Ron Dawg in your prayers to Satan

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