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Friday, December 31, 2010

Here is wishing everyone a happy and weird New Year !

The Compound

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shovelwhore Update...

Finally making some good progress
on the 'ignition' box....

Friday, December 24, 2010

Don Wood Biker Bed Rolls


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Crew Patches

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Loud in Kansas

    My name is Ron Dolecek and I am a tattooer from Wichita Kansas. I tattoo, occasionally build tattoo machines, sometimes paint and ride the shit out of my motorcycles. Kyle invited me to join this blog, even though he has never met me. A decision he may come to regret. For now though, I am gassing up my XR 650 and packing my gear for two days of dirt ridin in the Flint Hills.

                                                       FTW !

Xs tail light

-Pink Hats

Thursday, December 16, 2010



Our Good Friend NORTHEASTERIC Went on a 'vacation' and is now back at his chop! 
Check his Blog out!!

Welcome back Eric! Expect something shortly!

Master of Disaster

This Bums me out. Help if ya can Bros

The Master of Disaster, Duane Peters, is recovering from a bad leg break and subsequent surgery that saved it from being amputated after gangrene set in. He needs lots of help with the huge medical bills, and folks like Real skateboards and the Rebate collective are doing their part. Get involved!

Check out the new set of DP decks from Real with art by Lance Mountain, with all proceeds going straight to Duane!
And check these words from the folks at the Rebate collective- donation information at the end...


You can thank Duane Peters for skating the way you do. You can thank Duane Peters for defining skateboarding in the 1980s, and setting it on its current course. He took the elegant freestyle of the 1970s and shoved it through a meat grinder. He took skateboarding "Off The Wall" and went balls-to-the-wall. He put the snarl in gnarl, the punk in rock, the fuck in you.

Duane Peters isn't a relic--he didn't invent the Indy Air and disappear, retire, or fade away. Pushing 50, DP has been charging as hard as ever, skating, touring, slamming, and getting right back up to do it again.

But recently the Master Of Disaster had a bad knee injury turn worse. Gangrene. The doctors prepared to amputate his leg, but Duane pleaded to save it. He knew that no leg would mean no skating. And without skating, he'd descend into old habits that would pretty quickly kill him.

He's been cleaning himself up, sharing the rough road with thousands of Twitter followers (@DuanePeters), and keeping his head straight to be able to raise his son, Clash. But skateboarding is the compass that makes that effort possible. No leg, quite simply, means no skating. And that would mean the end of the Master Of Disaster.

Saving his leg means saving himself. "Skate or Die" has never been more true than it is for Duane, right now.

But to save his leg, Duane's been undergoing intense treatment and therapy. It's rigorous, painful, and very expensive. He's been selling everything he owns on eBay, and he's got thousands of dollars in medical bills stacked up against him.

Duane needs our help (not just you or me, but us). He would never ask, so we are asking. The dozens of members of this coalition we call Rebate. It's about skaters helping skaters. It's about seeing a brother like DP backed against the wall and doing something about it. Whatever you can.

If we all lend a hand, two things will happen: we will collectively raise some money to help Duane save his life, and in our efforts Duane will realize what he's given us all. Over the decades he's remained a champion for skateboarding. A champion of what skateboarding means.

Do your part. Do what you can. Donate money. Donate a valuable collectible item for auction. Whatever you can. But DO something.

Help the master Of Disaster get through this, and get back on his board where he belongs. He deserves this. And you deserve this opportunity.

Send checks (payable to Duane Peters) and any items product/Art/Pictures (signed if possible) for auction by Feb 18th 2011 to:

Duane Peters REBATE
17421 Nichols Lane, Suite L
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

To make a cash donation via Pay pal

Thanks for your generosity.


I know this dude has fuck all to do with Motorcycling in the asshole of America but hes a gnarly ass dude and he wears vans and a Pendleton hell he probably invented the look with a couple of his gangbanger bros.

I got some udate on my XS motor but im lazy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DBX3 Random Shot

Photo: Drew Baker

Playing CatchUp!

As im sure no one noticed, i have not been posting on the blog lately, My computer took a shit on me but Doc gave me a Mac to use and im just now figuring out how to fuckin use it! 

Here are some random shots from when PinkHats came to visit in the PC

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gotta love a dirtbag.

It's things like this make me love the "Chopper Community" that much more.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

ABATE Toy Run 2010

Jason and I rode in the ABATE Toy Run this afternoon and it was cool, literally. Tulsa reached a high temperature of 31 and windy and still 10,000 bikes turned out for the event. It was kind of funny watching 1%'ers with toys strapped to the bikes riding next to guys dressed like Wild Hogs on Yamaha's.

Nothing too exciting, no breaking news...just a lot of first and second gear following the Bandidos around Tulsa with a police escort.

I did snap a couple of pictures but to be honest my hands were freezing and the camera was the last thing on my mind. Here are a couple of the stunters at the show, a panorama of staging early in the morning and a kangaroo who wore sweatpants.

Sesame Street Yip Yip Martians tries Gangsta Rap just like Ernie and Be...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rocks Chops Struts* $90 Shipped

I picked up these struts about a month ago from the boys over at Lowbrow, mocked them up and decided not to run them. Now they can be on your doorstep early next week for $90.

Here is the description:

Aluminum Racing Struts - Fits Sportsters and others

These struts are hand made by Rock over at Rocks Chops. The overall dimensions are 11-1/8" x 1.5" x 3/4". The stud holes are 1/2" in diameter as are the lightening holes. These will fit your Sportster and many other bikes that uses 1/2" diameter shock mounting bolts. Please allow 3 business days for shipping on struts. Raw 6061 Aluminum, 9.5" eye to eye. Sold per pair.

Retail: $114.00

For Sale.....

Just throwing this out there.....

1977 Shovelhead ****FRAME & SWINGARM ONLY**** ( I'll throw the shocks & hardware in with it)
Clear Texas title
A little rake added back in the day, not much though,i use stock length front end on it. I was gonna put a 4" over on it
Fatbob mounts shaved off, part of front mount is still there for a sportster tank mount with stock tunnel
Neck smoothed with a little filler
New Paint on frame
New bearings & powder coat for the swing arm
New shock hardware
I Can send you better pics of close ups of whatever you have questions about...

I'm willing to meet halfway if in Tejas!

E-mail me if interested-


If interested in anything else to go along with the frame & swingarm....just ask

Triumph rebuild and lowbrow tech the follow button while youre at it.....
just another stupid blog to follow thats all.........

Thursday, December 9, 2010

$50 Holy Roller...

I picked up this gem off of Craigslist for two twenties and a ten. Hopefully Krown can work me into his schedule and we can get this little lady hardtailed. I do have concerns about the backbone and support braces causing headaches when trying to run a smaller tank but I'm hoping with a little southern ingenuity we can steer clear of the 13 gallon stock monster.

Looking for ideas and input. Feel free to comment and tell me I'm a genious...or that I should have went to Applebees instead but I couldn't pass....she's a beaut.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2011 boxes

BirthDay Gift!

I am a dumbass. heres the pic
Ron Just informed me of my birthday present! 
Ron Fuckin RULES! 

Cant wait to see what he does with the infamous Lords sunset pic!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here is a painting our good Friend Ron from Lucky Devil Tattoo In Witchita,KS painted Recently!
Looks Great Ron lookin forward to your next one!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Polishing a turd...

In a lame attempt to add a little flavor and style to an otherwise meat and potatoes garage, I present you with this....a Lords poster from Smokeout West last summer.

Please take notice that there are no pictures of the actual rally and thats because it was lame. It's the journey not the destination so a supersized FU to The Horse magazine.

Also, thanks again to Walgreens for the discount and only ripping half my face off on the print.