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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Loud in Kansas

    My name is Ron Dolecek and I am a tattooer from Wichita Kansas. I tattoo, occasionally build tattoo machines, sometimes paint and ride the shit out of my motorcycles. Kyle invited me to join this blog, even though he has never met me. A decision he may come to regret. For now though, I am gassing up my XR 650 and packing my gear for two days of dirt ridin in the Flint Hills.

                                                       FTW !


Doc14 said...

Right on Ron, good to have ya, Keep on Keepin on and don't f-shit up! LOL

hellonwheels67 said...

Thanks ! I will do my best to not f-shit up. Does not f'n-shit up include not spelling out the word fuck ?