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Saturday, December 11, 2010

For Sale.....

Just throwing this out there.....

1977 Shovelhead ****FRAME & SWINGARM ONLY**** ( I'll throw the shocks & hardware in with it)
Clear Texas title
A little rake added back in the day, not much though,i use stock length front end on it. I was gonna put a 4" over on it
Fatbob mounts shaved off, part of front mount is still there for a sportster tank mount with stock tunnel
Neck smoothed with a little filler
New Paint on frame
New bearings & powder coat for the swing arm
New shock hardware
I Can send you better pics of close ups of whatever you have questions about...

I'm willing to meet halfway if in Tejas!

E-mail me if interested-


If interested in anything else to go along with the frame & swingarm....just ask


BullDog said...

That thing looks great man, you givin' up on it? Gonna keep the tranny?

T1 said...

Just can't get over the rigid frame hallucinations that keep slipping into my brain as i try to sleep at night!That & i've tried 20 different combinations for the rear fender area & i just can't get happy with it....i would just assume to stay fenderless...but then where would i put my shit???

T1 said...

oh & i have the original 4-speed but it needs to be rebuilt, locked up on me goin about an ass puckering, boot burning episode! that one is a Rev-tech 5into4, i really don't like makes me nervous i'd rather have a Baker

BullDog said...

Ha..yeah, 10-4 on the ass puckering man. I decided on a swingarm mounted fender on the ol' shovelwhore. A Baker is on my wish list as well.