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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gems from Kansas

Took a break from the tattoo shop today and went to the Kansas Motorcycle Museum. Got there to discover I had no memory card in my camera. So here are some crappy pics from my phone. Proper pics coming soon.

More Rodeo Pics

Saturday, January 29, 2011

History rules

My Friend Christian Of  Xian Leather sent me these photo's of this peice of history he received!! a deathhead pin! How fuckin neat is this shit? history rules!

Our Friend

Jason Craze Over at Eternal Combustion Has this Buick for sale. If your looking for a Nice old Cage give this thing an Eye. And check out their Blog .

Oh and scroll down on this blog and look at them Tins on Cycle Knazie bike I could prolly bust out some "caps" in a Bookaki video just thinking of that paint job

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blue Moon Kustoms........

Word of advice, anyone sending out for paint, trust your painter...I did this first on my, "LORD OF LIDS" coined by Bill from Biltwell and Painted my Micheal Geltz of Flying Weasel Garage, not even close to a let down, he fucking killed it ten times over!! I also did the same on these crazy, insane, tripped out, flaked out, I don't even know set of tins being send back to me this Monday from Jayme of, I didn't have one single dout in my mind that he wasn't going to freak these tins out on a level we as humans have yet to accomplish, on our planet for that matter, you might not even be matter, but ya pretty much all I told Jayme was to be sure and trip my shit out as far as possible...I would say he succeeded in that sense.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fuckin flats.

On my way home from the grocery store last night, I saw something I thought I never would in York NE........

A CHOPPER!!! It was almost 40* and snow is melting. I look down a side street 2 blocks from my house and there it is a a rigid 70's Ironhead chopper, flat black, P-nut tank, long springer, big sissy bar and no surprise a pissed off biker pushing it! I kid, I kid, well kind of. So I park and walk over to see what's up. Turns out he has a blown tube and a busted sissy bar. We chat for a minute in between calls to see if we can't find a tube for his tire, no dice, it's after 5 and no parts store carries motorcycle parts, the only 2 bike shops with in 30 miles are closed. So we push it the 2 blocks to my house and into the garage, get it up on a block.

Yes my garage is a mess; but I'm in the middle of packing for a move!

Here's the busted sissy bar. I got that welded up last night. Tonight, if he got the tube, we'll get that changed out and he'll be back on the road.

The Ol Lady was like "Do you even know this guy?" uhhhh no "Well why would he trust you with his bike?" Uhhhhhhhh, Rules of the road? I guess she just doesn't get it. Anyway, when you see someone in need you help them if you can. How many times has it happened to you? My point Stop and help a brotha out!

Monday, January 24, 2011

When you can't ride....

I got asked to be the barrel man for my buddy Big J Rumford up in manhattan, Ks this weekend and man were these some of the rankest bulls I've been around. Goodtimes for sure, gotta keep the adrenaline going when you can't ride the motorcycles.


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Oh fuck

I had led myself to believe that I had just about met all the cool people in the world at about the end of 2010. UNTILL I SAW THIS SHIT! I need this guy in my life. 1:33 kills me by the way The song is Amen by Sepultura

tweakin' ain't easy from Steven Healy on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pre Party Torque Fest in DPORT........

Gotta chance to chill with a few buds at a hotrod show this weekend here in Iowa...Heath Reed and River Rat Cycle Fab crew set up along with John Wells Vintage Torque Fest, Todd Jones Jones Design,and a well Know Hot Rod Club here in Iowa Called the King Pins...It was a great time and just around the corner from Cedar Rapids.......

Every Time I Die

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Great pic

I ganked this photo from Eternal combustion. I know nothing about this photo other then I like it. So since I robbed this photo all I can say is Jason Craze Rules!. He Supports his scene.

I edited this one because i was hella ripped when I posted that. Im still hella ripped too. but steve wonder coulda seen I wasnt makeing a point. sorry bros

Fuck the world!


TxMikeD over at sent me a sweet little goodie bag full of stickers and a patch, thanks bro, now go check out his blog and show some support to non-coast crews. This ain't LA, this ain't Brooklyn, this is the Bible belt bieotches!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am under the impression that we could have a big fucking riot in Kansas city. Feb 17th for the motorhead clutch show its 10 bucks a ticket that makes it ron dawg affordable bros. One of the Iowa boys is talking about coming down. Im just throwing it out there Ill be there nother dude from Topuka is going to be there thats a party already so for those of us in this area lets hook up and hug.

Monday, January 17, 2011

chicka chicka yeyeah....

Jason's new set of Keystones are going to look killer. Can't wait to see how this bike turns out in the spring.

Also, coming to to a ghetto near you...assholes wearing Lords of Loud patches.

K-Fab Blog

I get tons of emails askin for a links to builds and pics of this and that, so I made a blog specificly for our fabwork! Dont worry u will still get the faggotry you love from here!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday night

See I can sing

Great shop gift from Ron when he visited, painted on crushed velvet son!

The loft is finally getting some chopper details, add some crash couches and chairs for any bums that need to crash.

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Looooong weekend

The weekend isn't even over yet and I'm out of gas, been moving from the old garage to the new one, I didn't realize how much junk I keep around! Was suppost to meet Jumpstart, Okiecockfighter, and beguine in OKC for the swap but gotta finish here.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweet !

This tank still has the AMA and FIM stickers from competing in the US Gran Prix of Motocross. It would sure look cool on the street.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flying Weasel Iowa beelee dat..

I cant really put into words how blown away I am with the work FWG did on my lid, you let these crazy fuckers do what they want and you get shit like this...Jesus Christ I cant wait to get it and see it up and personal. Thanks more than a million times for tripping out my helmet Flying Weasel Garage rules to no end!!!!!!!! One happy customer right here!!!!!!