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Thursday, September 30, 2010

UNCLEPIE.COM shirts and I got a cheat code hahah

so here is a lil cheat code for all you peoples out there in motorpickle land, its 30% off tshirt purchases from over the weekend. Cheat code: partynaked now buy a fucking shirt cuz they rule!!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DBX3 madness

More awsome Pics from Matt @ TimeMachine FOTO


Hey Kyle, I have really been diggin the LOL blog .You guys build some great shit. Sadly I did not get hip until after the Twine ball , would have loved to been there. Bet I will be there next time. Me and a couple of buddies just rode down to Ark City for the Last Run this last weekend, it sucked but the ride was great. I posted a video if you are interested. Anyway would dig the chance to meet up sometime for a ride and if you are ever in the Wichita area and are in need of tools , gas or a place to crash feel free to call.

Ron D

Check this rad Video Ron made of his trip with his bro's to Ark City

Pink hats

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aaron's bike rules!!!!!!!!

Thanks for rolling out Kendall and Aaron, you guys rule in many ways......Kendall's blog mystery machines rules and so does his paints, Aarons bike is proof of that!!

Best of Show WINNER.......

Dave's pan is crazy fucking cool, rad, gnar, insane all wrapped up in one bike....and it was our Best Of Show winner at DBX3! thanks for showing up Dave with this crazy rad pan of yours, and also KING DIAMOND!!!!!


Pink Hats had his mustache stolen when he arrived home from the DBX3, aproximatly 12 PM when he woke out of bed, Any info please let us know

This is the last known picture of his stash, and this pic pretty much explains the whole night at the dbx3, so fuckin rad!!

Friday before the storm.................

we had a chance to follow Steve Wright around in Chris's longroof and shoot pics and vid footage for our buddy Matt with Time Machine Foto got some really rad shots while we where regrouping and finishing up with shooting and so I really think we got the first of many really killer shows outta the buds and I are already thinking for next years shinkiller!!!! Thanks to all that contributed and showed up in the rain......we had many from affair show up, get down, and kill an evening of raddness that will live on till at least next years DBX3#2!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

DBX3 Pics


Thats about all u can say about this last weekend, Headed up friday night, hungary stoped at Jeff Wright's Kung Fu Tap and Taco, he showed up, drank with us, showed us a great time all night, lead us on a goose chase through Des Moines, we ended up going around 100 in a 30mph zone, FUCKIN GNARLY!! thanks Jeff!!
Saturday we roll up to the show, great turn out, great fuckin bands, bands had the awsome knob turned way the fuck up for sure! not even a suck knob on the machine!!
Jeff Wright taken some pics 


Prolly my favorite bike of the show this weekend. Never talked to the owner but ya this bike rules! I love shovels anyways and this bike would make me sock a baby.

Pink hats

Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's funny how I have to travel hundreds of miles to feel at home. Seeing my homies in one spot is a great feeling. Great event gnarly folks and shitty weather made this a weekend I won't forget!

Pink hats

Location:Locust St,Kansas City,United States

Don't fear the reaper bro

Pink hats

Location:Locust St,Kansas City,United States

well I didt take one fucking pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man I dont really even have words for the amount of ruling that went on with the show today...........seen killer, I mean killer fucking bikes, gave away so much shit, listen to the raddest bands, met the coolest mother fuckers, and partied like it was 1992, well I was 12 then but im sure some mother fuckers where parting then, aaaaaaa, well they never partied like this!!!!!!
Steve, Jayme, Zac, Kyle, Jerimy, Pink Hats, every one of you mother fuckers that rolled up, out and down for this epic fucking party.......I Salute you!!!!!!!!! You all fought ran and no fucking shine for the entire day and I thank you a million times over for coming out and making this show what it was..............Wait till next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pack for cold in Iowa my heathen brethren!!

Pink hats


Most fucked up thing I have ever seen and I know/love the guy that did this. Man my friends are fucked...real fucked...fuck

Pink hats

New flyer


Cant get Away? Got Bills? not If you Burn that fucker to the Ground! Set that shit on Fire and Rage with the LoRDS!



DBX3 RUN DOWN..............

sorry for the delay in getting the times and all for the show, we have been crazy busy getting all the little details worked out and all the give aways put together. Plus just get the logistics fig out so here is the times and entry cost for general admission and bike show.........

8:00 am vendor set up starts

10:00 am Bike show Registration $15.00 includes bike reg and event admission.
Bike show Classes
*Best Chop: which includes any bike that is garage built....includes evo and metric bikes
*Best Vintage Chop/ Vintage Iron: includes and bike pre 1980
*Best Paint which I really don't think need explanation

So Best of each class will receive custom built trophies by our local bike genius Ryan May of Twisted Metal Fab Shop....they fucking rule I cant wait to pass them three placings will be determined by our judges...
Then outta the three top placings the crowd will determine which bike deserves best of of show will get $650 bucks or more of merch from all of our sponsors, big fucking prize wish I had a bike to win!!!!!

12:00 noon we start General Admission $5 bucks for the entire day which includes bands, bikes, beer, babes and a raffle ticket good for winning any of our $3000 bucks worth of merch from the sponsors.....fuck gotta love that!!!!!!! each person can also purchase more raffle tickets to increase the odds of winning something rad...additional tickets $5.00 bucks also

3:00 pm Bike Judging rap up and round up

3:30 pm Awards start for Best of's...........

4:00 pm Best of show is awarded

4:30ishpm The Killer band line up starts
Red Desert
End of An Age
also two more bands inside after 10 pm

We are going to try as hard as possible to keep the show as close to this as possible thanks and hope to see all you mother fuckers at the show its going to bad as hell.....................

Sunday, September 19, 2010


FXR 2-1