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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Freaklabel coming to Dirt Bag Biker Bash.............

well folks its crazy and its only like 12 days away for our DBX3 show, I know everyone I talk to is more than stoked. Fuck this show is going to be a great way to end the year. What more can we ask for BIKES, BANDS, BEER, TOOTHLESS WHORE RATS, AND OVER $3000 FUCKING BUCKS IN GIVE AWAY PRISES FROM BILTWELL, LOWBROW, LOSERMACHINE, XIANLEATHER, RICH PHILLIPS, BCM, BENCH MARK,BAASMETALCRAFT, AND A SHIT TON MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well my buddy Matt, from time machine (soon to be a, and I hit up a show around the corner from my house last night. Fucking killer show with a bunch of rad bands from the area....Matt and I were at a budds house shooting the shit before the show talking about Dirt Bag Biker Bash, bikes, sluts, wiskey, weed, and slayer.....oh yeah and the High On Fire show coming up around the corner, which I wish I could go to, anyway then it was off to the venue where Freaklabel was playing, which is one of many bad mother fuckers on the bill for DBX3......Ive known these guys for years, played with them in a practice space like 20 years ago....well atleast it seems like it!!!!! But really got to know these guys over the years and just couldn't have more than great things to say about the band and the individuals who form the band we see today, Freaklabel, they fucking rule...and we will be seeing them on the 25th of Sept!!!! Well I just wanted to give a little history of the band so here it is and cant wait to see all you crazy fuckers at the show!!!!!!!!

The formation of Freaklabel in early two thousand three ushered in a new musical movement. Pushing aside the local musical narrative of weekend warriors and cover bands, Freaklabel brought with them a dominant and original sound dubbed Working Class Metal. Defined by unequaled technical prowess, attention grabbing guitar hooks, and a thunderous rhythm section, Freaklabel was poised to take over the local music scene. After a year playing the local watering holes the owner of local rock club 3rd Street Live took notice, asking Freaklabel to step up to the next level. Carving itself a niche, locally opening for national acts such as Mastodon and Killswitch Engage, Freaklabel began to notice a significant growth in the number of attendees at each live event. After the release of a six song demo and gaining the recognition they had been seeking Freaklabel decided it was time to take their show to headline status. With a D.I.Y. ethic, Freaklabel self promoted via all forms of media to create a frenzy, thus ushering in Working Class Metal to some of the largest crowds ever seen locally, nearly pulling eight hundred people at one such event. After a mere three years in the scene, Freaklabel had created something unique and special. Garnering enough fans, or Gear Heads as they would be affectionately referred to, Freaklabel was able to make them part of what they called their machine. This machine would pile drive audiences night after night in many cities around the Midwest and later across the southern United States. Since their inception, Freaklabel created a live show that is unparalleled in the current music scene. Realizing that live was the only way to experience the pure musical brutality that Freaklabel put forth the band chose to record and release the uncompromising Live & Brutal. Heavy, technical, and bar none the best metal act since Pantera, Live & Brutal confirms that Freaklabel are the reigning kings of the current metal movement. In the beginning, Freaklabel came to stake their claim as the most dominating force in the underground music scene; Live & Brutal was the culmination of that journey. After a year of promoting Live & Brutal, Freaklabel decided take time to create what will become their first proper full length studio release. Hearing the call of Gear Heads everywhere, Freaklabel understands that what is to come next has to be bigger, better, stronger, and even more exciting than it has been in the past. Freaklabel understands that all eyes are on them after making such a punishing statement with Live & Brutal. What has come next, is not only bigger, better, and stronger, it is monolithic. Freaklabel’s first studio album, MONOLITH, shows just how talented and diverse this group of musicians are. With the definition of the title alone, i.e. an organized whole that acts as a single unified powerful or influential force, Freaklabel chose to make a strong statement. Unapologetically running the gamut of musical taste, from the speed metal influenced Slaughtery Machine to the sludge riff orgy of The Open Sea, Freaklabel pull out all the stops, initiating a musical frenzy that is as invigorating to hear as it is to play. Monolith proves that Freaklabel can take leaps and bounds musically while still retaining the Working Class Metal groove that they pioneered years before.

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