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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Emperor Cabs and a few of the crew.........

Yesteryear in my life was filled with a lot of different things, bmx, motocross, bikes, booze, illegal activities, and one of the most important things I was into since I was born, music, and since I was about 8 yrs old geetars and geetar equipment filled my OCD......a few years ago I was at a show in Iowa City. Killer venue whom hosts bands such as High on Fire, Baroness, Russian Circles, Genghis tron, and many more rad bands from the "underground" music scene, well while checking out the bands equipment as I always do, I noticed a geetar cab I hadnt ever seen or heard of. The cab was a bare, toltex free, surface, stained red and accomponied by a arrangement of crazy speaker combos within one after the band had tore down I was anxiously awating the return of them to purchase a shirt and ask where the fuck and who the fuck is building those sick cabs they play through...........

About Emperor Custom Cabinets Emperor Cabinets are Custom, American made cabs based out of Chicago, Illinois. Our cabs come in a variety of styles and sizes along with multiple options to grasp the aesthetically pleasing look that most cabinets do not include. They are built out of Birch and are constructed using Dove Tail joints for maximum longevity and aesthetic value. Our Cabinets come stained to your choice of color and are finished to protect the wood and color of the cabinet. We do not cover our cabinets in toltex; these cabs are fine crafted pieces of workmanship that do not need to be cover by toltex. There are no mistakes to hide; the beauty of these cabs is in the wood. As far as Customizing to fit your preference, we offer multiple different stains of color as well as different types of grill cloth, and hardware. You also have options of different sizes for the specific type of cab you would like in order to accommodate different transportation and housing needs. After your cab is built, it is tested in a real life situation to make sure that all aspects of the cabinet are flawless; if the cab does not perform to our musical standards, we believe that it would not perform to your standards either. For more details or questions, please contact us.

We have numbers, we got emails. Find one and get a hold of us.

pheun: 773.278.7371

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