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Monday, September 6, 2010

As sure as the sun rises from the east and as sure as Viagra makes old dudes rise, so rises my Brother Don Wood who rises from the piles of over leathered du raged wankers on V-twin motorcycles. Don Wood is the gnarliest person to have ever run a motorcycle or Infantry fighting vehicle. I had just killed my 4th leprechaun when I met Don Wood during the Cold War period.I had heard of him prior to our meeting but the stories, pictures, nor the bodies laying in waste would prepare me for our first second third or any other meeting that I would have this "man".

For description purposes, picture the character Col. Kilgore played by Robert Duvall from the movie Apocalypse Now. See it? the Wagner song a lot of pissed of GI's and a village about to get beat down. Well now picture a man on a Motorcycle pulling a pop up trailer armed to the tooth with a firm handshake, jokes, and that rumored hospitality of the good people of Tennessee. I have never met a person that within a few words could make feel comfortable as well as bulletproof. Id surf Charlie's point for this man and Id sure as hell Napalm some crappy village in south east Asia. Don Wood Fuck Ya!

I truly feel that Don wood and his family could ride into any point on this planet pop that little camper up and make that his point. N0 Charlie will not surf Don Woods point.
I have interviewed some of the most "important" people on the planet. I been to 3 state fairs, I seen the worlds biggest ball of twine yet Miles of highway time with Don Wood made me realize that this country needs him more then another bullshit politician or same sex marriage law. What we need is Wood, Don Wood.

These are my question's and his words Behold friends the Don Wood Chronicles!

is it true that moonshine comes from the purple color of a rainbow?

true quality moonshine is skweezed from the yellow and purple bands of the rainbow. This task is performed by the Gods themselves.. My good friend Zeus, bestowed upon me the knowledge to accomplish this feat.... This is also the origination of the term "nectar of the Gods"

What was it like being in nagasaki Japan when the bomb blew up? Did your Gypsy bedroll actually save your life?

I started that day working with Confucius in Hiroshima. He was befudled on how to get the paper into the fortune cookie. After solving his dilemma I rolled out my bedroll for a short power nap. After the big bang and a bright light, I rode atop my bedroll that doubles as a magic carpet on a quantum leap to Nagasaki.

Why did you stop carving the crazy horse statue?

The crazy horse statue project has been put on hold due to legal issues... It seems that once again, Wal-mart has tried to profit from everything happening on planet earth... They had started to market t-shirts of the statue with my likeness super imposed. It was not my desire to create my own monument,,, someone else will take on that task. I wanted to create a monument to Crazy Horse because I think his name is cool.

Rumor has it that oil and water do not mix. How about guns and motorcycle events?

It is and has been my opinion that guns and motorcycles go well together. I would also add that at any motorcycle rally guns should be welcomed and offered for loan to our friends whom have issues with the establishment in regards to the posession or transportation of a firearm... Also included in the list of must haves at a rally, in no particular order..... large amounts of gunpowder and a wide selection of items to launch, copper for still manufacturing, an assortment of blasting caps, a wide selection of scratch and taste pasties and a man size playground equipped with yellow equipment... ie. a back-hoe, dozer and a skid steer....

Hardly Davidscum has a line of bikes called "Dark Customs" There was a story by a dude named Richard Cranium who says supposedly that the line is in honor of your skills with a sharpie! any truth?

The dark custom phase of my stylings started with the invention of a super wide sharpie. This technology was developed to help the graffiti kids because of the new age limits imposed on the purchase of spray paint. The dark customs HD line of motorcycles got there start in a 7-11 parking lot after we SHARPIEed all the chrome on a geezer glide

I heard a Fraternity tried to join you?

as for a fraternity trying to join me.... you are referring to part of a movie script that included the boys from Lambda Lambda Lambda. but due to there inability to maintain an elivated level of coolness, this section of the script never made it to the big screen. It became a marginal success under the title Revenge of the Nerds...

Did Ben Stein actually try to win your money?

Ben Stein still owes me the money I loaned him to get that show up and running.

As aside He sells a Bed Roll thats weather proof as well as warm. He can be found on Facebook as well as Email but i don't know it offhand


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somehow that all made sense!!!

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