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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hugh just sent me a box of awesome.

Hugh knows his shit when it comes to the XS motor. Cam and crank have been phased and I am taking the steps to update my charging system and ignition system. Huge always had and answer for any of my questions.
So the point of this post is that if you got a XS motor and you actually want to ride it maybe it would be a good idea to talk with Hugh.
Hes fucking awesome!


BGRYN said...

Thats cool and all but, how about the rest? Lets see the Frame!

rider_666 said...

talk to Kyle hes doing that bit. They are so bogged down with Moving and Kyle has 2 other bikes to burn on. I dont have all my shit to build the motor and he needs the motor to work on the foot controls and its all just a little crazy.