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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Curtis

So a few folks in Kansas City know who this way cool cat is. The rest of you need to know.
He was one of the Best bike builders in the mid west. Hell he started all that shit at shows using props like cotton for snow and shit like that. Look his ass up. Bad mutha fuka. I need some help tracking him down anyone with info please email me.

If you know him or are him. I got his\your pic man.

-Pink Hats

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Doc14 said...

Black Curtis is like Sasquatch, you hear so much about him, yet never see him. He knew how to put a bike together and show it off with his frames sign with everyone who did work on his bike, like chrome, and moulding, can't forget about Carl who helped him out. Ah man Curtis and Carl were the shit in the MidWest.