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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pink hat got a new tatt!

One thing I love more then Trash Metal and my bike are my dogs. I have had a hard couple years with putting dogs down. I already got one Tattoo for a Dog that I had to put down because some commie drunk driving asshole hit her. Fucker chirped out before I could have got my assault and battery charge.
Needless to say I got another dog tattoo and I thought this would be cool.

The outline. It sucked. Worse then my neck but I like Willie and I loved this dog. He was a Neapolitan Mastiff. He bit like 3 of my friends bit my ass and my nose. He was great.
Blake at Irezumi in Kansas City


Doc14 said...

HELL ya bro, that is killer, and I know how ya feel about dogs man best buddies. The Willy touch is just right.

T1 said...

i'm with ya on that! by boy Ratchet got hit about a month ago & is just now getting over it, i would have choked the fucker & shoved his neck up his scrotum & made him lick his own intestines if i would have caught him, mother fucker just kept on driving......