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Monday, November 8, 2010

From our Friends at Death Science


Here at DS we seem to go out of our way to help the real deal, true mother fuckers in our society. It has been some time since my buddy Evan has been released from the hospital and I was able to write about what really went down due to a pending investigation. We all know it's best to shut our trap when the law steps in.

Roughly two months has passed and it was been one insane roller coaster ride. What went down was this:

Smoking a cigarette, finished it, flicked it, almost hit this dude. Things were said, and it got broken up. My friend departs from the bar after last call, cruising home. Wham! Gets fucking jumped. This is where is gets real hazy for him and can't really explain much. He calls some friends and gets home, everything is kosher. Fast forward twelve hours. Evan calls my room mate and asks him to come over. Room mate shows up and there is puke scattered, and Evan ain't really coherent. Thats right, you guessed it. Concussion. Room mate makes it pretty clear that if he doesn't want a trip to E.R. he better shape up and start making sense by the time he gets done smoking a cigarette. Roommate comes back in Evan has thrown up more. Gets him in the car and to the E.R.

The staff at the hosptical get him into a CT Scan in no time flat. While running the process this tough son of a bitch is going into a Coma! Through the next month Evan under goes two neuro surgeries and throws us onto an emotional roller coaster. In six hours it would go from positive vibes to he's not going to make it. A week goes by with little change, he's somewhat stable and his cranial pressure is around the norms. The decision is made to wake him up. A long, and from what i witnessed grueling, painful, and generally uncomfortable for all parties involved, process. He comes to. Not sure what the damage is, but the outlook for recovery in positive. Needless to say evan threw eight different kinds of smoke and blows the "3 month recovery" out of the water with an in and out of the patient rehab in one week. Evan is back, and has been cleared to consume small amount of alcohol from the surgeon. He beat the odds and they were stacked against him. If that ain't a FTW i don't know what is.

From what we found out the dudes that jumped him essentially used evans head as a battering ram. Pretty fucking brutal, they weren't out to win the fight, they were out to maim and kill.

As you might imagine his hospital bills are pretty astronomical, I'm gonna be making some shirts in the next few weeks to hopefully help ease the process for Evan. Everyone has been so responsive to the runs and product done for Joey and Lee I am hoping for a similar response. Evan is extended family for a lot of you. He's a 100% skateboarder through and through, that where he wants back to.

If your interested in a shirt, so I can gauge an interest, comment on the post. Anything is way appreciated guys.


So buy a shirt! I bought one of Lee Bender shirts, they are the best quality, they're BAD ASS and it helps a brother out. So click the link!  --->

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