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Thursday, August 26, 2010

SuperChief from Des Moines Iowa playing DBX3............

SUPERCHIEF is by and large about two things:

1) Rock and Roll

2) Emulating the Rock and Roll Lifestyle - as taught by Lemmy

If you're looking for old skool rock (yes that was with a k), then give us an honest shot at winning your rock and roll hearts. SUPERCHIEF knows no "scenes" or "cliques." Everyone will be welcomed to our rock family with open arms.

Moreover, there are few things that SUPERCHIEF dislikes as a whole. For instance, we dislike:

1) Playing our respective instruments without some type of liquor near by.

2) Playing an accoustic show- I mean seriously?

Each time we take the stage amongst our legions of fans, we play to kill. It's a battle, it's not easy, but the sweetest things always come with a price. We encourage you to come and get a taste.. When you wake up the next morning after a SUPERCHIEF show and your ears are ringing, that's a good thing. It lets you know you're alive.

In short, all we in SUPERCHIEF ask is for you to give us a fair shot. Come out and see a show, hang out with us, be a part of something bigger than your mortgage or your cubicle, in which you spend 40 confined hours per week to! Take the leap of faith. Test your own moxie. For those of you that have come out in support, we thank you, and things will only get bigger, better, and louder.

Your friends in rock - SUPERCHIEF

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