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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sometimes helping is as easy as a mouse click.....

  I Read this on Chop Cult this morning.
I hate to do this on here- but I need some help...

I've got some friends with two daughters that both have Rett Syndrome. They are very close to our family and we've got an opportunity to recieve 500k (250k plus a matched 250k) in funding for reasearch for a cure. Pepsi gives away a bunch of money every month and has a website where people vote. They are currently in 3rd place which means no funding and we've got less than 24 hours to vote.

Voting is easy and can be done 3 ways. The link I'll provide below (the page seems buggy, be patient / facebook login). Or texting 100842 to 73774 (Pepsi). Or via email. Text is the easiest no bs way to vote.

The genetic cause of Rett is known and it is the Rosetta Stone of neurological diseases. A cure here could lead to cures for autism, schizophrenia,... and other disorders.

I do apologize in advance if I piss anyone off by posting it here but it does mean alot to us.
Thanks a million.

My nephew has autism and to see the kid struggle, well it kills me. So if all we have to do is skip looking at bikes and porn for 2 minutes for a chance to help someone's children, then we need to.