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Friday, August 13, 2010

Red Desert at Dirt Bag Biker Bash Sept 25th............

I would first like to say thank you a million times to everyone who is putting in a hand and helping with everything going with what the lords of loud and Cycle Nazis crew are putting together in Sept. From the reactions locally and across the nation thus far this thing is going to be rad beyond our beliefs. With all of the companies throwing give aways our way you would have to be plum fucking crazy not to pay five bucks to see killer bands, drink PBR, and win free shit all night from the baddest mother fuckers producing chop parts and apparel right now!!!!!! So with that said I would like to take a chance to feature one of the bands showing up for our gig in Sept., Ive been messaging back and forth with Shawn for a couple of days now. We have been shooting the shit and getting to know each other pretty well. Shawn digs the same type shit all of us are into............Heavy Clothing, Rad Chops, and live Stoner Rock!!!!!! Here's a little info on the band you all will see Sept. 25Th in Cedar Rapids Iowa.............

Band Bio:

From a land known as the Midwest, stand four men, destined to bring new life to the stale state that has overcome the music industry of today. From it's humble beginnings back in 2004, Red Desert has been through highs and lows, seen it's share of lineup changes, and at one point almost disbanded. But one thing always stayed constant, their love for the music they played and created. While only one original member remained to carry forth the torch, the music always seemed to have a haunting effect on surrounding ears. So, it wasn't difficult to find good musicians willing to put forth the effort to maintain the Desert name. Not giving up to the hardships that lay before them, the band marched on, bringing in new blood, and a confidence to finish what they started. Lacking a album under their belt to properly portray the sound of the band, was disheartening to say the least. Fast forward to the fall of 2008.... Knowing damn well it was time to put up or shut up, the band headed into the studio with Adam Tucker, to record a six song CD entitled 18 wheels. Coming in at close to 32 minutes it gives the listener a good dose of what Red Desert is about, with songs ranging from the early days, to more recent ditties, with its current lineup. Call it what you will, if you re into some good ol riff heavy stoner groove, Red Desert will most likely scratch that itch and leave a mark............

Band Members

Vocals/Guitar: Shawn Stende

Guitar: Jes Kluegel

Vocals/Bass: Paul Teeter

Drums: Dave Dancho

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