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Friday, August 20, 2010

Justins XL almost done!

Here is some progress on Justins 08!!! Fuckin love this bike!! I hope he likes it!! just a few finishing touches and she is done!! 
The tins are Powdercoated a hot rod red w/ some flake, then covered with clear powdercoat! really a cool combo, that gives a slight orange tint!! very cool!!



Chester Copperpot said...

I don't like it....I fuckin love it. Killed it. Can't wait to put it to work.

Cycle Nazis said...

Nice Job buddy, so he is riding it up the 25th?

Sighless said...

15th time is a charm (yeah, I caould not get a comment to stick to save my oversized ass).....

I fuckin love those handlebars! Can't wait to see it finished.