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Sunday, August 1, 2010


PapaClutchCustoms open house was the to do this weekend in my neck of the woods, couldn't ask for more hospitable folks in the cycle kulture. Tim Anding and his wife owners of Papa Clutch Customs showered their guests all day, it was love for everyone coming through the doors, doors pry put on min before we got there.
The shop has moved from the old off the grid location to their new and freshly painted building just off of the avenue of the saints (HWY 218) a stones throw south of I-80. Fuck they did a good job, with in a little over a month they organized a complete shop move, building renovation and open house/grand opening. I cant say it enough how proud everyone is around here of this shop and the shit they are doing and the bikes they are building. If you get a chance check out the next issue of Cycle Source Mag and see the article and layout shot by the man him self Jeff Cochran of SpeedKing. Pretty fucking rad to see an Iowa shop getting props in a chop publication, especially Cycle Source!!!!!!!!!!

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