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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prizes for the Hoedown.

 We have some special RARE "Lords" Unicorn pins! That's right, you heard me, Unicorn pins, with a crest and a "L" there are 4 so don't think you get one for being cute. What's that you say? How can you score some serious biker shit like this? Show up on your chopper, that's how. We will be giving them out for something, best build? Best in class? Best wheelie? Biggest piece of shit that I can't believe someone actually road here? Shit I don't know, make a suggestion.

 So if you want to be an owner of one of these four bad-ass, gearhead, chopperific, manly unicorn pins, you need to bring your ass the Hoedown!


Philth said...

YES! How can i win that dime?

Doc14 said...

SOOOOOO Great Bross, this is getting epic.

Sighless said...

Philth, the dime is for the naked drag racing.

Philth said...

i think one of them def has to be for biggest skidmark, not by a tire.