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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

booze,bikes and broSS

Well broSS its nearing that time!!!!! The HOEDOWN....... What can i say, shit is gonna be amazing. So far 3 of us IOWA boys are heading down. Krusie, the Dreshbag, and myself. Gonna tear it up in KC for the night at Mr. Haackets pre party madness then off to good ole oklahoma friday morning, would imagine with a fine hangover. I cant wait to hug and kiss evryone. Oh yea please evryone drink the koolaid its good for u! So all of you that are on the fence about going fuck it get your bike ready pack your shit and lets roll. This will be one you wont want to miss. So there you have it come support the LORDS and be part of history. No worries JESUS might not make it so you should be safe. FTW!!!!!!


shovelheadjorge said...

kick ass blog guys-jorge L7C

KROWN said...

thanks jorge