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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HoeDown Roll Call!! Sponsors???

Whats up fellas!
At first we were not gonna have a raffle for the party, but our good friends at have been awsome enough to donate some stuff for us to raffle off for the local Humane Society!
If any shops/companies wanna throw in on the raffle, stickers, banners, shirts, used parts! anything! would be greatly appreciated! please email me!

Also if you are planning on making it down for the show please email us at with aprox how many is rolling with you! will give us a better idea on how much booze,shine,weed, coke, and stripers to provide!

Thanks for everyones support! This is an event to give back to everyone we have met in 2010 and the ones we will piss off in 2011!

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