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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2 chicks at the same time

First off I have to Thank Amy for all that she did this past Weekend. Your a fucking swell gall and Docs luckier then you are. Thanks to Doc and Ron Dawg for the help and brotherhood you guys are like the nuts in my sack. I fucking love my nuts.
Krown Thank you for the bottom of my heart. I know this wasnt easy to do in a weekend with all the assholes watching you work(me) smoking weed drinking shine and beer and plying grab ass. Thank you very much

This bike is the reason why Babies cry. This bike put the nails in Jebus's arms. This bike made that sarah palin chicks kid a tard. Hell my tanks alone ended the Cold war!
Im sure some of you would like a long bike better or maybe having a shitty ass riding postion to and from your 100 mile round trip is your cup of tea, but this fucking thing is going to ASS RAPE MILES AND MILES OF AMERICAN INTERSTATE!!!
Im betting if I had a inspiration from this bike it was Charlies bike out at the Twine Ball Run. I saw that brown softail with sorta sober eyes that saturday morning and it made a lasting impression I reckon.
We cut 6 degrees out of the neck and then fitted them old ass tanks on it. New tail light mount. Shake down ride was 250 miles of some crappy Oklahoma and Kansas highways. I had one breakdown that was fuel related. The beaded sets going back on.
Was a great weekend for the lords Travis got Hitched up in Iowa and those boys did it right. Down south we got a bike built thats going to run so hard this ear its going to knock the CIA off its game just enough so we can all live free in this country like our fucking godamn fore-fathers wanted us too. FUCK YOU BANKING BIG GOVERNMENT COCK ASS CUNTS!! LIVE FREE!!!!
Thanks again Kyles me love you long time