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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hoedown Sponsor

SOME of you may have a lady friend or two, most of you probly dont! but if you are lucky enough to have one, check out Fussy Kustoms line of kickass wallets for your chick/mom/grandma!

Also check out the new line of MENS Kustom chain wallets "Dirtbag Revolt", She is designing some special wallets for the raffle at the hoedown! If you follow the blog you probly have an idea of what will be going on these things!
All procedes of the raffle will be going to our best bro "Garbage". If you know Justin you know he would NEVER ask for this, but if your bros are in need, you do what you can/able to do! No questions asked! Its getting rare to find people like Justin anymore, so if you have some 'bros' take care of eachother! Start your group, share parts, if they need something you do what it takes to make sure they dont go without! The "Brotherhood" bond is something that cant be taught,bought, or shared! You got it or you dont! Dont fake it! bout as gay as period correct!

Anyways, check out Fussy Kustoms, cool chick that knows more about brotherhood than most!

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fussy kustoms said...

Thank you! Can't wait for the Hoedown!