The Lords of Loud is a group of custom motorcycle builders/riders throughout the MID-WEST! We are NOT A MC!! We represent the brotherhood of a MC, and respect all MC's alike! We believe Period Correct is not always Correct, we build bikes that suit us, and we RIDE THE MOTHERFUCKERS!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zebbs dead...........

What a weekend in the OLD MIL, just a great vibe from killer nomads and a chance to visit a mythical place only told in story called the shed.........DBX3 hosted an array of guests from unknown nut jobs, Hollywood superstars, and legendary bike builders....we at DBX3 where lucky enough to have a rad fucker ride down from Milwaukee by the name of Mario Sanchez, featured in this months Cycle Source, Mario has been a builder for longer than most of us have been alive.....thanks Mario for inviting us up to your party, we had a bitchen time and look forward to seeing you down the road.......Thank you very much Ben and Katie for putting us up for the night, I had a really good time!!! You two Rule!!!!!!

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