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Friday, October 15, 2010

Image One - 226 N. Gilbert - Ada, OH 45810 .... 419.308.8397

I finally got ahold of this guy.......ok so DBX3 was this little party we had a few weeks ago, ya I know you all are sick of hearing about how rad it was......well, CUZ IT FUCKING WAS RAD!!! haha well anyway Friday night while Kyle and the other hoodloms where out fucking around in Des Moines with Jeff Wright, lol, we back at the site where welcoming people coming from all over the place.....Steve, Jen, Matt, Kruse and I where out at the camp ground helping set up camp with Zac Doom, Pete, Gator,and Dave, when others started rolling in Lemme and his crew from South Dakota, and These two dudes whom rode there machines all the way from Ohio came rolling in.....I was trying to meet and greet everyone as they came in and let them know the low down on the sites and camping and all that shit...I asked these two guys where they came from and they Said OHIO.....I was like no shit, I just was blown away with the distance people came to hang with us....It really still makes a guy feel killer to know what kinda scene we are lucky enough to be a part of, when you can put together something with the help of great freinds and rad industry sponsorship an event to bring these people whom you never met but feel as if you have known them your entire life to a spot to hang, check out bikes, listen to music, and just have the time of your life.....thats what its all about.....shit I kinda went off subject, the point is since the party I have been asking about these guys whom rode from Ohio and the one dude had a beard and rode a 550cc all the way to Iowa, well I wanted to personally thank them for riding out and being a part of our show, and I did, well come to find out the guys name is Joel and he is a rad painter from Ada Ohio and here is a little about his shop in his own words......

"We are a custom paint shop based out of Ada, OH. We work in a PPG certified paint center, with a modern downdraft booth and supply room. We use PPG, House of Kolor and Roth Metal Flake products. We specialize in traditional paintwork, including metal flake, candy's, flat clears and pearls. We have worked with clients all over the country without problems so you can rest easy not being able to see your stuff if you send it here. We also strive to keep competitive prices because we are builders too! Good paint work doesn't have to cost a fortune. So if you are looking for some scallops, flames, ghost flames, crazy metal flake, fades, two-tones, tribal, or something completely original, please contact us, we'd love to work with you. Having an artist in house we can come up with a design to fit your needs. We also offer freehand pinstriping and lettering.

Some Basic Rates: including minimal body work, 1 front fender, 1 tank, 1 rear fender

one color- $600 (add $150 for candy's and/or heavy flake)

two color- $700 (add $150 for candy's and/or heavy flake)(add $50 for pinstripe to seperate colors)

two color(base/secondary) flames/scallops $800 ((add $150 for candy's and/or heavy flake)(add $50 for pinstripe to seperate colors)

three color flames/scallops: $900 (add $150 for candy's and/or heavy flake)(add $50 for pinstripe to seperate colors)

All prices are subject to change, and dependent on the condition of parts, complexity and overall materials required. To get an accurate estimate for you what you have in mind please contact us.

Joel Hauenstein



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Wes said...

Joel and crew rock!! Stand up dudes for sure.