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Monday, October 4, 2010


Trying to find something decent to write about last weekend besides the ride. 250 miles on Saturday from Tulsa to Fayetteville through the Pig Trail for Bikes Blues and BBQ. For those who aren't familiar with B.B.&BBQ, they claim 400,000 people and 10,000 bikes....and by that they mean 250,000 HOG members on 9900 stock baggers. The rest of the people were there for the funnel cakes, helicopter rides and the Jeep exhibit where you could test drive a new vehicle and sign up for a credit card. Seriously...?

Long story short, rode solo to Sallisaw where I met up with some dudes from OKC. We ran 80-90 until the Pig Trail. We stopped at the half way point through the Trail, Turner Bend. Nothing exciting to report besides beer cans in paper sacks and a local law about adult beverages 200 feet from the building. Idk.

The carnival..err I mean rally was pathetic at best. Highlight was an old timer meth'r who referenced the stylings of my Sporty to those of the original Red & White bikes from Cali. I don't see it...but he meant it as a compliment so I'll take it. Moving on.

Anyhow, there was abso. nothing to shoot pics of while I was there, but here is what I ended up with. I did see a Street Glide with a 26" front wheel which was mildly entertaining. Personally, I think the scooter trike takes best of show.

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Doc14 said...

Sounds like I missed a great time! Next year i'll bring the clown paint. The weather was great for riding tho!!!