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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Im sure everyone has heard of Heavy-Clothing or Zac Doom, or maybe just a cup of months ago seen the cover of Ironhorse with him sporting his Outlaw/ExCop choppitty with a set of bad ass bars I might add. well anywho hes my northern neighbor outta minnesota..... I was just fucking around and looking at the 70 blogs I cruz every night and seen that he had a new shirt out. Damn right I bought that shit, its fucking bad as hell, its to my left here. funny thing Kyle bought the same shirt like 2 min before I did.

Anyway the next day I was out and about an got a msg saying my shirt was sent from Zac, and I asked him a few questions about his shirts and he quickly responded turning our email conversation into a full on 3 hour email interview. I asked him if it would be cool if I put our conversation up on the blog and he granted my permission and so here it is, little background of heavy-clothing and Zac Doom..........

Cycle Nazis: Thanks your shirts are rad, they gotta cost to get made, or you screen printing yourself?

Zac Doom: I deal with 3 different printers, whoever can do the best with what im doin. I would like to screen print, but as of now im doin this outta my apartment.

Cycle Nazis: How long Heavy been up and running?

Zac Doom: Little over a year.

Cycle Nazis: Nice! It seems like its doiong really well, that's rad. What gave you the idea or got you on the whole line kick? You design all your shirts? You don't mind me posting pics and blogging about your lable on Cycle Nazis or the Lord's?

Zac Doom: been trying to do this forever, just kinda got my shit together lately. I got cycle nazi stickers on my van. I design 100% of everything, unless it's a collaberation, then it's my idea, rough layout, then someone who can draw there ass off does the final drawing it's goin good, im stoked on it. are you in the lords of loud/cycle nazi crew?

Cycle Nazis: yup i started cycle nazis kinda as a marketing tool for small shops, clothing, whatever to use me as a marketing agent who works for them and promos whatever shit is rad to me and my friends, started by using fbook as a lunching point and down the road im gonna have a website. The lordsofloud asked me to contribute like 2 months ago which was really rad to me, Kyle and his bro are really killer guys!!!!

Cycle Nazis: Oh by the way fuck yeah on the van sticks!!!!!

Cycle Nazis: Love the "full tilt boogie" thats bad ass! That's really rad you got ironhorse cover, is that the first cover you got in a mag, what other mags have covered you? Thats gotta make you feel pretty good when you get recognized?

Zac Doom: first mag i've been in its real cool to get on a cover, but you gotta remember how small our scene is every state/city has a small group of like minded people it'sthe internet/communication that brings us all toghter same shit with undergound music. i just got a computer 3 years ago so for me it started out like this, i get alot out of the bike scene, poeple have been generousto to me, our group of friends will give up any part if you need it to stay on the road. and in the spirit of that i tried to figure out what could i do to contribute? cause i get alot out of poleple blogs, photos, builds etc so a blog and shirts/hats were the most realistic thing i could pull off, ireally just wanna add to the radness, if i make enough dough to keep me on two wheels, then thats fukin great! yer cycle nazi logo is really good, reminds me of surf nazis, the reverse lettering on the logo (circle, skull one) is cool too.

Cycle Nazis: fucking right on the head, thats how i feel, i just wanna pass onto my son what myh old man instilled in me with two wheels. I just love hearing poeples ideas and direction, its really rad to see ideas come to light, wetter its a bike and art form or a tshirt design its all real fucking interesting to me! Im glad to see your shit is rolling!

Cycle Nazis: If that's cool with you and all, if you have time could you give me a little background on yourself like who, what, when, where and how? What keeps your machine rolling, bike, line, ideas whatever? Im glad to talk to you my friend hope to come across you some day in the near future.

Zac Doom: my dad bought me my first bike when i was 11, wanted one sooner but mom wouldnt go for it. so parents got divorced and first thing dad did was get me a bike, thats what started it all! there was a "dirt pit" like this big ass area of motorcycle trails and jumps, im sure every town has one, once a year a certain 1% club would come and camp and party at this dirt pit. i lived about a mile from it and you could just hear the harleys, fireworks, shot gun blasts anything goes type of place of course. the town folk kept far away durning this time of year kids like myself were forbidden to go there, well fuck that!! i was real curious! so i rode my dirt bike down there, i knew all the trails, so i kinda sneaked in. man it was a party time, true outlaw dudes raging these insane choppers thru mud, dirt, over jumps etc dudes shooting guns at cans and bottles lots of weed smoke i was spooked!! so i just kinda spyed on them for awhile and snuck out. man i was fasinated with what i had just seen. where, how did they get those kind of bikes? well they all rolled out the next day and all the towns people were checking it out. i saw a trike with a real out house mounted on it like with a little moon cut into the back and everything, then a straggler from the back of the pack flew by with his feet on the bars and all layed back on the sissy bar, i swear to this day he was reading a book as he blasted by.

so right then and there i decided that was my goal get a wild bike travel and fuck the world well i traveled the whole country by myself by the time i was 20, hitchin rides, finding rides, walking , running, whatever and i was definately FTW commited by then. drugs and alcohol were ruling my life at the time, so im homeless in san francisco on the 4th of july sitting on haight street when all of a sudden a pack of hells angles blast by on some sick bikes every car and store alarm went off on the block, this awoke my senses and i remembere what i was missing in life a chopper and freedom from the street!!!!! i made it back east and by the time i was 25 i had my first harley, a chopped 74 ironhead!!! I made it! I was a success! thats how much that shit meant to me.

now fast forward 10 more years of durgs, street life and general fuct upness and i got my shit together for good this time. so i got another ironhead which led to shovelhead and a good group of friends. i got a computer and discovered blogs and became interested in photography and i was getting alot out of the current chopper community and wanted to add my visoin to it wanted to be a part of someting thats how HEAVY was born........

its pretty long winded, but ive started writing lately so you caught me on a good day. im doin stuff for IRONHORSE now so be sure to check that out, my first piece is comin up in the next issue

Cycle Nazis: Fuck yeah man!!! Let me know what issue and ill be the first to buy it!!!!! I get cycle source right now and have been thinking about IRONHORSE. Cant wait to read your shit!!

Cycle Nazis: What was your first bike?

Zac Doom: fist bike i rode was a late 70's rm50, first bike was a honda cr60, fast as hell!!! first few rides i just dumped the clutch and froze on the throttle, just ripping throu bushes, until i could hold on no longer! shit was insane!!!

Cycle Nazis: You ever big with bmx? i still have a 20 inch and ride the local parks, when i can that is haha. 10 month old boy make time hard to come by.

Zac Doom: yea man, first bmx was a shwinn scrambler with tuff wheels, then a redline, gt, brother had a mini diamondback and a profile. early 80's shit. use dto race, then got into skateboards and started building halfpipes in the backyear. lived on east coast, delaware, maryland, virginia. got to skate with all the pros at one time or another. was sponsered amature for years. had some 24 inch cruisers few eyars back, i fuct myself up so bad back then i kinda dont fuck with it no more.

Cycle Nazis: yea im still fucking myself but i just like to rip around the cement park, wish we had some trails close!!! well man I guess ill leave you alone, thanks for shooting the shit. i really dig what you got going on with your bike and its all rad shit!!!!!!

Zac Doom: Right On!!!!

well thats check it out if you havn't buy a shirt deys killer..


Doc14 said...

That's some kick ass shit right there man! Congrats on the interview, Doom is such a ripper man.

KrOwN said...

LONGEST......... .POST...... IN LOL HISTORY!!!