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Sunday, July 25, 2010

RIP Hank

The other day while on my Cycle Nazis page I posted a thought that I just randomly had about how bikes bring so many positive things to peoples lives. They help get past a bad spot, create an art form, celebrate accomplishment, free the spirit, free the mind, and help remember a killer i had the privilege to ride with a group of people remembering a dear friend and loved one.
I personally did not have a chance to meet Hank, but riding and talking to everyone all day showed how much love and respect everyone had for him. All day it was nothing but positive energy, free spirit, tattoos and burnouts. New bikes emerged, new friends were made and I rode harder than i really have rode all year, I honestly haven't a clue how fast we were going due to the fact I don't have a speedo, but seemed as though we didn't fall behind 90 mph more than a handful of times all day. It was so rad to have rode with these killer people including some of my closet friends, and I have found a lot of them through this little machine we call a motorcycle.
I really took a lot out of this jaunt around our country side, looking at the amazing state we live in and especially for that split second after I broke away from the pack at the end of my ride, alone feeling the fucking heat coming off my bike from pushing it to the limit riding with these crazy fuckers, haha but I was reminded how much my wife, son, family and friends really mean to me. They are my world and without them I don't think I could bare it. Its amazing to me how something as stupid as a machine called a motorcycle could create such a friendship, help remember a great person, celebrate a life and help remind us all what is important.

than you for letting me roll and remember today........................

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Cycle Nazis said...

Ohh by the way I meant closest friends not closet friends haha