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Monday, July 5, 2010

JP pics from back in the day...............

Here are some more pics from JP's open house, havnt gotten to do much riding except to work in the last week. Now the rain is fucking with us in the midwest so.................July 31 is the Papa Clutch Customs open house and ill be able to roll down and cover that deal for all of you...........I know I should be coming down for TBR, but my shitty job has prevented that from happening this year..........So you are damn fucking skippy I will be down next time around for TBR, I promise. But if we think about it LordsOfLoud are killing two birds and shooting a shit load of killer pics at two events on the same weekend. Ohhhhhhh by the way Millville MX is July 17th so im gonna see if a buddy of mine will send me a bunch of killer pics from that too. Millville is the shit, I guess Red Bud was fucking off the hook, you just cant beat outdoor mx racing. I sure miss it, oh well, Ive got my little boy to get riding asap. No matter what mom says, lol. I started riding when I was like 3 1/2, and started racing when I was 9. Wasnt anything cooler than taking my trophies that where taller than me to show and tell. My son will most definitly experience that!
Still gots lots of summer left and a shit ton of killer shit to check out!!!!!!

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