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Thursday, July 8, 2010

DiCe pArTY

THIS IS MY LIL TRIPPY VID I MADE OUTTA WHAT I SHOT FROM THE DICE PARTY IN IOWA, IVE POSTED IT BEFORE AND IVE GOT SOME VID SHIT FROM THE HILLCLIMB IN THE MIX JUST NEED TO GET OFF MY ASS AND PUT THE HILLCLIMB FOOTAGE TOGETHER. IM JUST WORKING ON THE DIRECTION AND MUSIC SO.....................I KNOW. try to get to the taco eating contest in this vid, ive had a cup of people say they dont really like all the effects i did in this one. i was just trying to do something diff, so try to hold on to the taco eating contest its funny shit..............but other than not likeing it i dont give a fuck. haha just kidding

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