The Lords of Loud is a group of custom motorcycle builders/riders throughout the MID-WEST! We are NOT A MC!! We represent the brotherhood of a MC, and respect all MC's alike! We believe Period Correct is not always Correct, we build bikes that suit us, and we RIDE THE MOTHERFUCKERS!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


If anyone knows Me and Jerimy, they know we cant not have a project going, well with the Street Beater getting close to completion *kinda*, our eyes are sought on something similar to this love cycles build! This is the coolest bike i have ever seen!! We are gonna use the pauhco frame that i am riding right now and stretch it up and out a bit and throw a 10+ or so springer on it, so i anyone gots an old springer or girder layin around for cheap let us know!! 

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