The Lords of Loud is a group of custom motorcycle builders/riders throughout the MID-WEST! We are NOT A MC!! We represent the brotherhood of a MC, and respect all MC's alike! We believe Period Correct is not always Correct, we build bikes that suit us, and we RIDE THE MOTHERFUCKERS!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wide Open BIke Show- Tulsa, OK

Not too much to report. We saw a couple of old contacts we met in NM at Smokeout West. Highlights/lowlights...Weird Indian Larry statue, nice scrolling on an overpriced custom, Jason taking a $5 picture with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ex. Playmate), nice BSA with a flat rear tire that a guy bought off Ebay which was currently for sale at 7k ...good luck homeboy, and finally the dude from Full Throttle Saloon and that chick from Flaunt taking pictures with all of the cheesers.

All of the 1% OK clubs made an appearance, but unfortunately no drama. Shitty.

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