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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday at the Compound, WTF?

Jerimy Welding the frame jig! ya that motherfucker can WELD!

THIS is Ron Dog, those who have never had the oppurtinity to meet this fuckin dude are missing out, ask anyone, dude fuckin RULES! You will see why

Camera caught it perfect, nice dismount bro!

Ripping on RonDogs woman! This bike has been threw HELL, still rips


T1 said...

glad that mother fuckers hair grew out....that pink bald mohawk was awful! HAHAHAHA damn i miss you guys! i guess the bars were a little stubborn to come of the springer?

Doc14 said...

Ya bro, those bars were STUCK in the spinger, I guess 30 years of rust was in there, but we got em out OKIE style! I'm ready to ride with ya bro!

Toecutter said...

Looked like a good time

cope said...

ron dog with hair, looks like he put on weight, lol