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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bordem over here in the Corn state

Well not to much has been going on around here. I have not been on the computer much lately I cuff my internet fom the damn neighbors and there shit must be weak cause evrytime i try to get on I dont get shit, but tonight was my night. I have been resurection this amazing chopper I found on craigslist a few months back. It has been in hiding for a long time and needed some Carney and his boys love. Just been making it more or less mine with some nice additions.
3 weeks ago Krusie the olady and I hoped in the Town car and headed off to Milwaukee to vist our friends Ben and Katie and to attend the ever so badass SHED party!!!! The party was fucking badass. Good turn out and lots of good old motorcycle folk. I also got to pick up these sexual bars you see on her from mr Ben Marx. Couldnt have turned out any better. Milwaukee is a damn fine place to visit even if its cold out. While there Ben took us around the town, and took us to Warren JRs shop along with Cook Custom Choppers, all I can say is fucking amazing! So much crazy shit going on in that place. I could go on and on about it but hey I wont.
Back to the resurection got the new bars put on, made me a new sweet chrome fender out of one of those fancy honder cb fenders. Getting ready for a battery box when I can get the bike over to the Twisted Metal Shop. I love this bike.
Other than that not shit going on hit up a swapmeet in RockIsland IL last weekend, got some decent scores, now this weekend we are off to Desmoines IA for another one. Home of those CHURCH of CHOPPERS sum bitches....... Oh shit I almost forgot for those of you that are not subscribers to the Sleazy rider get your asses out there and get it, I did my first nudie cover shoot fucking badass!!!! Ladies I will sign autos
Im gonna quit rambling now but say it loud and say it proud LORDS OF LOUD motherfuckers!!!!!!


trent reker said...

is that a seatpan or are you just happy to see me?

Doc14 said...

AHHAHAHAAAAAHHHH, nice one trent, Carney You Sooo CRAZY!