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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jeff Decker


Jeff Decker: "I LOVE HATERS

Haters keep you grounded.
If you know me, & dislike me, I'm sure your reasons are well founded.
If you have never met me & hate me, you are simply a cyber-masturbator & you should focus less on my life & more on your own.
There are so many guys out there who have created blogs, website sites & events that don't even own a single bike... they read, write do a little research & you believe.
Are you still in school?
The internet in a tool... nothing more. A collection, swap meet, race, rally, face to face, that is real. Hate a guy to his face & he will love you for it or knock you out, but these computer shenanigans are for the weak.
Give me a bloody nose or a hug, but stop hiding behind your cyber cowardly code name.
xoxo, jd"

There has been alot of crazy trash talking going on, locally and regionally, And I couldn't have said it better than Jeff. And for the Record, WE are who we are, Our bikes do run, WE copy no one.


Sighless said...

Yep! That's why my screen name is my name. I'm not gonna hide behind anything. You either love me or hate me, there is rarely any gray area.

BullDog said...

I hate all you fuckers!

trent reker said...

seems that i've missed something. probably best that way. maybe it's because i don't visit forums. i stick to the webs and blogs that support folks, not tear 'em down.