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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Some more "Run to the Hills" late as always.

 Last weekend was the Run to the Hills ride and party, put on by our good friends out CO. The wife and I took off Thursday, it was storming (lightning, thunder, you know the whole 9 yards) but weather be damned we were ready to go, so we did. We headed 10 miles down the road to get gas (they have race fuel, we bring a gallon of the highest test we can get, it comes in handy in high altitude) We hit the I-80 and the clouds parted and I grabbed a handful of throttle away we went.
 A couple hundred miles down the road and we stopped for gas and grub. The Ol Lady got a head ache, got nauseous and needed a nap, so she slept and I drank with the locals. Cool little bar in an old rail road town.

  After her nap we hit the road again. It was pretty uneventful all the way to Charlies house. We rolled in with a blown tail light, in the dark, I was sure we were lost when Charlie yelled, we rolled in to cold beer, Ribs and peach shine. Chopper Charlie, Cope and his Wife, Wes, Ron Dog and some of Charlies neighbors gave us a warm welcome.

 After a long a long night of partying, we all slowly arose the next morning. Hung over and tired (of waiting for my wife to get ready) no seriously, she took for ever! We headed out for a day in the mountains.

After some all day in the mountains we headed back for more bear and shenanigans. Around midnight the fella's from Ponca City arrived. We of course "over indulged" until the we hours of morning. Morning came early and we got ready to head out for the rune,  headed out to Rocky Flats to meet up with the rest of the guys.

We had a few beers and prepared for the ride through the mountains. A crew of 15 or so bikes headed out. I'm not sure where all we went; but I'd go there again in a heartbeat. and now the random pics.

The ride was AMAZING! The mountains are something to behold. I mean seriously, I have been gushing about it all week in hopes I'd get it all out of my system; but I still lay awake at night thinking about it. I won't bore you with some attempt to capture how it felt to be with my wife and friends coasting through the winding curves between rocky over hangs, mountain streams, how fresh the air smelled and tasted, the trees and how green everything is, the sound of air rushing past you and the thundering engines...... Damn it, sorry, there I go again. Anyway if you have the time and opportunity you should absolutely ride out there some time.
 So we got back to the party had a couple beers and waters, then began to get crazy...

Sooooooo that's what we did this weekend. We had a blast, ready to do it again.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Silas! Miss all you great people already.

onigoroshi said...

nice old school kc hooligans shirt