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Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day.

 I remember being told my entire life that I was lucky to live in the most free country in the world. It breaks my heart to see what is becoming of our country. We are free Men and Women, we should NEVER allow anyone to take those freedoms from us. Everyday some politician on both sides try to take those from us. It is not your place to tell me how to live. Forget you agendas for a moment, remember you serve us, not you perspective "party" your only party should be the American public. Our country is falling apart, in threat of belonging to china and yet you squabble about petty shit.
 So, here's my suggestions.
Stop all overseas operations. "Did he really say that?" Why yes I did. "But we're fighting terrorist, securing democracy" If you think that, then you a fool. We are securing oil and creating terrorist by being there. We are in a race with china and india as the largest oil consumers on the planet. china has more money than us, so we are there to make sure we get what we need. Besides the fact that we are throwing away money hand over fist. Bring them home, use the money to repair OUR COUNTRY, educate OUR CHILDREN, feed OUR POOR.
Stop sending money and supplies to every other country in the world. Yes it is sad that they are hit by natural disasters or poverty; but I know people right here in this Country, in this town, in this neighborhood, on this block that don't know where their next meal is coming from or where the rent money is coming from, what they will do when unemployment runs out, how they will cloth their children when school starts. You think I'm coleus? Just the opposite, I wish this was a perfect world; but it's not, we can't save them all; but we can save our own.
STOP WASTING MONEY ON VICTIMLESS CRIMES!! We spend millions on prosecuting & punishing those who have hurt no one. Marijuana users aren't criminals. The only reason there is even an illegal trade is because you make it illegal, you want a cut of the income, make it legal. It's simple spend lot's of money and get nowhere OR legalize and tax and make money. It's not rocket science, it's common sense. Prostitution, legalize it. 2 ADULTS (consenting and of legal age) trading sex for money. What? You never bought your significant other something nice in the attempt to get laid? if you answered no you're a liar. "That will spread STD's" Um, they are already spread, a lot, all the time. Like all industry, there will be a need for "quality control" and like all things in life, you can go with a nice place or a shady place. Sex workers will need to be licensed and tested on a regular basis. See now we're making money not spending it. Shall I go on? Are picking up what I'm putting down? Stop wasting money trying to stop us from doing what we are going to continue to do anyway. It may be against your values; but we are FREE American Adults and we can make our own decisions.
Gun Control. Yeah, there's a great idea. A country based on that freedom, sure go ahead and take it. Listen, you can make any gun or ammo illegal you'd like, criminals will still get them and use them, there criminals you idiots. In fact once upon a time, when we were still free, when we still fought back this happened.... That's right, a man starting shooting people and WE SHOT BACK! Your attempts to keep us on our knees have nothing but pussyfied us. Now days few would have fought back in fear of prosecution.
 We can fix this country; but only if we act now. Vote; but not because of what political party they belong to but for what they stand for. Keep our money here, quit giving it away to the rest of the world (they will not return the favor) EXERCISE YOUR AMERICAN RIGHTS!! Own a gun, speak out against what you know to be wrong, fight the man, do not allow those in power to break the law. This is AMERICA!! We are only as free as we allow ourselves to be.

Happy 4th of July.


BullDog said...


Poppymann said...

We're now a nation of sheep who believe whatever we're told and want to hear. Both parties are all about funneling money to their friends, passing laws they don't adhere to, Tweeting pix of their wieners and fucking other people's wives. They are fat fucking hypocrites who dine at the trough while the US becomes a 3rd world country.

Anonymous said...

There's not much left to love about America. Being an American used to mean you shared a language, culture, social contract with other Americans but now it means you're ruled by the same overclass with a lot of other people who have nothing in common with you. Love your people instead.

Anonymous said...

maybe the us should keep their noses outa the rest of the world an concentrate on the fuck up that is the us at the mo

trent reker said...

right on.

Anonymous said...

Thats why you're a Reverend. Well put

tsanluis said...

Well said. As I was taught in middle school Civics class, We the people elect those in congress as representatives of our states, our cities, our towns, our neighborhoods. Our elected officials are spitting in our face ignoring what we need and what we're asking of them. I don't care if you're a donkey or an elephant, you represent US, not your fucking party.

What's it going to take for them to listen to us?