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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

project phoenix

i picked up this 72 shovelhead that was in a house fire on the cheap, and i've been wanting a swingarm bike for a while now.the plan is hard bags a little farther forward and lower than the stock location, road king shocks, wide glide, and whatever else goofy shit i can come up with along the way.
this bike was owned by a guy that thought enough of it that he kept it parked in his living room, and around christmas last year he left his puppy alone in his house, and when he left, the mongrel chewed through the wires on his christmas lights, burning his house, shovelhead, and puppy and all. time for this one to rise from the ashes.

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T1 said...

That's gonna be fun! Outlaw long hauler! let me know if you need anything, i might have it or know somebody who does