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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Its Been A While

So I havent put much on here lately, iI have been in a slump lately. All of my toys are peices of shit and can hardly make it down the street. Well I got the black bike back on friday had the cases split and the motor refreshed so hell it should be good to go right. So know its the start of my summer. A few weeks ago i had the pleasure of going to the dice party in desmoines. Damn good time had a nice presents of lords there, good to see you guys and damn was it fun. This past weekend was the J and p open house like 20 miles from us. Well it sure as hell wasnt no damn born free 3 but hey it was close and the maiden voyage of the new motor, of course it rained but damn is was nice to get the wind back in my face and not have any troubles aling the way. Met a guy there at the s@s booth that says he follws the blog and really digs it,kool as dude. Well i just wanted to say hello so there it is. LIFES A CHURCH! BURN IT!!!!

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