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Monday, June 7, 2010

Support Your Troops

Derek Harris Contacted me with this email\
Hey, my name is Derek Harris and I'm currently serving active duty.. stationed at Fort Carson, CO. 
Our unit is preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan, in support of OEF; for 12 months from AUG '10 - AUG '11.
Here's a litte background on why I'm contacting you.
My squad - 3rd Squad (Mustard Tigers), 2nd Platoon (Marauders), D Company (Darkrider), Task Force 1-66, 1st Brigade Combat Team4th Infantry Division - are all chopcult members and motorcycle enthusiasts. In fact, we've kind of spread the addiction to our entire platoon.. and it's moving it's way into our whole company. We even talked ourCommanding Officer into buying a Heritage Softtail.. which he loves. Our company .. being DARKRIDER company has an especially big Esprit' d' corps when it comes to our biking heritage. We've even got plans to ride the whole company up to sturgis or down to daytona.
As something to work toward.. almost a promise to ourselves (and a reason and motivation to get back in one peice.. and fast).. we've decided to all build custom bikes when we get back. Our platoon as started a fund to build a Platoon bike as well, and give it away to whoever does the most for his fellow soldier in Afghanistan. 
We were wondering if you would want to send us some stickers. We're currently contacting as many of our favorite companies as possible.. one at a time.. to try and accumulate as many stickers as possible. Not just stickers either, patches, stencils, or anything that would raise morale is extremely appreciated.
It's sort of a tradition to slap stickers all over the walls of the customs office when moving into and out of country.. and as we're all huge fans of the chopper culture we'd like to show a little love.. any stickers you'd send would be hugely appreciated.. they'd also end up in: Colorado SpringsMaine, Ireland, Germany, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan. I'm sure you know how big the love for motorcycles is in the Armed Forces. It's a huge piece of our heritage. The advertising aspect for you would be huge.. seeing as we've already got at least 35 people planning out their custom bikes. We get alot of inspiration from your blog on chopcult and are always trolling around for inspiration.
We'd love to hear back from you regardless of your decision... And thanks for listening.
I attached a picture of the squad.. so you don't think I'm just some sticker-mongering robot.
Common Address:
Spc. Derek J. Harris
4005 Westmeadow Dr.  APT#1106
Colorado Springs, Co  80906

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR OUR COUNTRY FELLAS, Box of goodies is on its way, I hope people reading this will do the same as well, stickers, stencils, magazines, posters, let them know they are still supported!


Chester Copperpot said...

I'm picking up some shit for Darkrider at SOW. Bad ass.

KrOwN said...

for sure man, they deserve it!