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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kurpius of Kemosabe rules......

I always dig some creepy cloud photos, especially when rolling on the motorbikes. Its so rad when you roll up on a storm like these you immediatly scream FUCK, but you keep rolling thinking youre going to come upon a overpass or whatever to sheild you from being pelted with large skin pearcing droplits. Nothing for miles ahead and for fuck sake your not turning back, so you continue on crouching down, squinting your eyes, turning your head, whatever you can do to keep the dirt and water out of your one eye that hasnt yet been flooded with the down pour. Boots filled, socks soaked, pants drenched, but you roll on and to your suprise after 80 miles, the rain lets up. You pull over just to gather yourself and laugh to your buds about how fucking hard it was raining and how you wernt fucking stopping! Everyone has ridden hours in the rain im sure! Doesnt it, after riding mile after mile in the rain, feel like you have conquered a huge fucking feat. Its a killer feeling too me, I love riding in the rain..............thanks Josh for these bad ass photos, you have an eye for beauty.

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